Other Small Sites

Some other reasonably random sites we’ve done.

NanoCountdown.com – Designed to ‘complement’ NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, by helping people know what their deadline means. I’ve had more hate mail about this site than any other thing ever.

IsItTheWeekend.com – One of the most important questions, answered.

WarehouseBasement – A replacement for SJGames’ old random-object database

treasuretrap.co.uk – We host the website for Cambridge University’s larp society, Treasure Trap, and do domain redirects for some other descendants from the same original system.

unhelpfulclue.aqxs.net – An original web-geek puzzle, developed as a recruitment tool for Skimlinks.

Profound Decisions’ Forums – an internet forum for discussion on PD’s festival LRP system, Empire. For this we host, admin, moderate and do theme design.

WhereAreMyFuckingKeys.com – In the style of such sites as The Fucking Weather, and WTF Should I Make For Dinner?, a helpful website (Designed from an original concept by a friend)