Jeem TV

image (3)For JCC though our clients we supplied software development (PHP, using the Symfony framework, and some custom Python scripting) for their project to rebuild into an award winning content platform for JCC, the Al Jazeera Children’s Channel.

As part of a highly qualified London Digital Team, We were involved with work on both the child-friendly front end, in both English and Arabic, and full Content Management and Audience Management solutions. Technologies involved included Rackspace’s cloud solution, the Ansible deployment system as well as dedicated javascript applications.

Interesting aspects of this project included a user registration and profile system, including a paper-doll profile image creator, as well as pre-moderated username choice and commenting, as well as building and maintaining a high capacity multi-server environment with 24/7 support and absolutely minimal downtime .

Challenges came in the form of the dual-language nature of the site, switching between left-to-right and right-to-left languages on the fly, and within the CMS having those side by side.

The revised site was originally launched in March of 2013, and we worked with them on features, enhancements and handover from May 2013 though to February 2014.