About Istic

Istic Networks Limited was founded in 2010 as the trading name of Nicholas Avenell, Developer, Sysadmin & DevOp.

I’ve been working as a professional web developer for over ten years, creating prototype applications for early stage startups, building complicated analytic and integration systems for larger companies, all the way to creating gamification experiences for both traditional advertising campaign media (Most obviously Sony) and existing user encouragement by gaming for LanguageLab. As a Lead Developer I have encouraged and where possible required enhancements in code quality and process, implementing test driven development systems where appropriate and managing full Continuous Integration pipelines.

I prefer agile and rapid development environments, but believe strongly in development schedules and the trade-off between perfectionism and commercial realism.

Content and SEO isn’t really a speciality, so we recommend SEO Pie for any work of that kind that you require.

Other pages on this site are dedicated to case studies of sites and companies I have works for, with or on.

If you would like to talk about future opportunies, please email me: hello@istic.net